The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt

Success Stories

The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt is such a wonderful gift. Thank you for your care for dollars lost over the years. A Hawk Fan forever for sure. One last very sincere THANK YOU!

-Anne – Winona, Minnesota 

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I greatly appreciate your prompt response, you are fantastic! What a wonderful program you have and I know you have put smiles on many faces!


Thank you for your terrific service!

-Dawn -- Santa Barbara, California  

I am so grateful for the extra money that I received today in the mail. I was not even aware of this unclaimed property until my niece saw my name on your website. My husband passed away 19 years ago and I’m sure this is due to something that he set up years ago. Thank you again!

-Josephine - Paulina, Iowa 

Thanks to you and others involved for the check I received today from the Iowa Treasure Hunt! It is indeed ‘Great’ and I would not have known otherwise!

-Joyce – Letts, Iowa 

Thank you for finding the moneyfor me it was a blessing and came as a total surprise. Really meant a lot to me when your office recommended me to help others find their treasure, by referring me to be interviewed for Channel 4 news. My family & friends have visited the web site and are very happy for me. Again, thank you for finding my treasure I did not know about."

-LaVonne White-Bettenforf, Iowa 

I received the check last Friday. My sister got her check as well. Thank you again for all you do!

-Lon-Eldon, Minnesota 

Today I received a package from the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt. It was the contents of my son’s Safe Deposit box that had been left abandoned since 1989. My son died in 1997 and had left me as co-owner on the box. Imagine my awe as I slowly combed through each and every item in this treasure of a blessing. Thank you Great Iowa Treasure Hunt for the most humbling Christmas gift I could receive this season, next to my girls and their families being here in California for Christmas.

-Paula – Council Bluffs, Iowa 

I just received a check from The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt. You, the program you've developed, and your helpful staff made the whole experience easy and fun. What a pleasant surprise to find some lost money. Thank you for making this possible.


Thank you so much for mailing me the papers from my lost bank lock box. Can’t believe I forgot!

-Shirley-Davenport, Iowa 

I was needing a haircut and permanent so very badly before Christmas and your check came just in time so I could get it today so I will be able to go to my great grandchildren’s Christmas program.

-Sylvia – Knoxville, Iowa 

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